King Prawns

A 1kg (600g net) box of 18-30, shell-on, juicy raw king prawns about 8cm long. Whether they’re marinated in oriental flavors and pan-fried or going into a seafood curry, these prawns are bursting with flavor and also include numerous health benefits – they’re a great source of low-fat protein and provide the essential vitamins A and E. The prawns will arrive frozen, so they can be ordered in advance for any special occasions.
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  • These prawns are whole and raw
  • Size: pretty big – about 15cm long
  • About 14 prawns per pack
  • Packed in a tray for easy storage

These are the king prawns farmed throughout South-East Asia. Eat by themselves or toss a couple into a cooked dish to make it look spectacular. Fun to peel at the dinner table. These prawns are great to grill on the bbq as the shell keeps the meat well protected. They’re frozen into a shallow bed of water to keep them static inside their box and ensure they are pristine when you defrost them.

If you’re looking for detail, we swap between the two farmed species – black tiger and vannamei (whiteleg) – and between sources including India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Vietnam, and others.


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