Carp is a freshwater fish. There are several kinds but the mirror carp familiar to anglers is the one we sell. It’s found in fresh waters all over the world but ours are farmed in Europe where the fish attracts much greater interest than here. In Eastern Europe, no Christmas is complete without carp on the table, and its small random scattering of scales are considered lucky charms. When we learned that, we stopped descaling our carp! Choose fillets or whole.


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The most popular farmed fish in the world (thanks to China) is a little appreciated by Brits (although Izaak Walton was a fan – see his recipe below). But it’s the fishy favorite of many people who hail from within 200 miles of the River Danube. Our whole fish has been gutted and cleaned. Scales and fins – we leave these lucky charms on. A 1500g fish is about 35cms long. Currently, all our stock is mirror car


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