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Caught off the south and north coast of Cornwall our fresh crab is full of juicy meat with the finest flavor. Cornish crabs are delivered whole, so we are unable to see the quantity of the brown crab meat inside, alternatively, we do offer brown picked crab meat if that’s required. At certain times of the year, the crab may contain no brown meat as it is dependant on seasonality. Some shells may contain residue cooking water inside, please just drain off before eating.

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Live Brown Crab (L, XL)
Chefs know that the freshest and tastiest crab is the crab that is life, then cooked and consumed the same day.

Live Cornish Brown Crabs are responsibly and sustainably pot-caught by crab fishermen (who work from small day boats) from rocky areas in inshore waters around Cornwall (within Cornwall’s six-mile limit), England. These crabs are packed live to order and couriered to our clients’ addresses in mainland UK by 12 noon next day. Once cooked, the crab meat is fresh, succulent, and full of flavour.

We do not supply pre-cooked or frozen crabs or imported crabs from outside of the UK.

Available: Seasonal – 1 May to 30 September each year.

In Stock: Yes. At times crabs may not be available due to adverse tides and/or weather.

Brown Crab Sizes: Large (700g-1.0kg approx), Extra Large (1.0kg-1.8kg+ approx).

Freshest crabs possible
Cornish Brown Crabs remain in waters around Cornwall until pot-caught for the market.

Once landed, these live crabs are taken from the crab fishermen’ boats and placed in crab tanks that contain natural seawater up to 1-2 days. Crabs are packed whole and live to order (Monday to Thursday), for by 12 noon next day courier delivery to our clients’ addresses in mainland UK (Tuesday to Friday).

Store and consume
Upon receipt of delivery, store live crabs in the fridge. For the freshest and best flavor cook and consume live crabs on the same day of delivery. Crabs can be boiled, poached, grilled, or barbecued. For further information, click on the ‘How to Store & Cook Live Crabs’ tab above.

Ingredients: Common or Edible Crabs (crustaceans).

Mix & Match
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