Grey Mullet

Alright, Alright, Keep Your Hair On
It’s virtually impossible to write product description on something called a mullet without making a reference to hair, which I find really unf-hair. Groans. I wish I could say I won’t give up the day job, but this is the day job.

Grey mullet is quite a fishy fish, in the same way, that cream can be creamy, and cheese can be cheesy. But the earthy taste allows means it pairs well with some stronger flavors, such as the below recipe.

We get ours out of Cornwall, as we do most of our flatfish such as John Dory, as they are relatively abundant in Cornish waters. According to the Cornish Seafood Guide website, they are often seen in harbors on calm days, swimming along with their hair out of the water. Sorry, noses!

Here’s a nice recipe from the Jamie Oliver channel – grey mullet with red pepper and fennel. I can only imagine how this tastes!

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You’ve got to feel sorry for the grey mullet. Being associated with a hill-billy haircut from the 90’s when you’re just a tasty little fish from Cornwall isn’t very nice.

Luckily, you’ve come to the right place for a haircut. I mean, fish.

We recommend letting us fillet and portion it for you, ready to cook on arrival.


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