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How to Cook It?

For some tasty Mackerel recipes head over to your favorite search engine (Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo) and try popping in some of these suggested ingredient combinations: Mackerel+BBQ+Bay Leaf —– Mackerel+Escabeche Mackerel+Rosemary+Garlic You will get a great list of search results at all different skill levels. Find one you are comfortable with. Cooking should be enjoyable!

Storage Information

Fresh fish is what we built our business on, so we suggest you enjoy your fish as soon as possible. Keep in mind it is best practice to consume your fish within three days. Keep it at its best by storing in in the coldest area of your refrigerator, with crushed ice if available. If it is necessary to freeze your fish, do so straight away and preferably consume within (3) months.


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