Lemon Sole

This lemon shaped fish takes it’s name from the fruit (but does not taste of lemons!) and has a delicate, sweet white flesh and a light brown silky smooth skin. Due to it’s subtle flavour it’s best cooked simply – pan fried or grilled with some garlic butter is a personal favourite! We normally buy portion sized fish at around 400g each, and these do tend to be enough to make a whole meal!

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The lemon sole lives in the shadow of its stellar cousin from Dover… marine biologists even put it about that it ’is not really a sole at all’. How mean-minded can you get? Take it from us: the lemon sole makes a very fine meal, and you can buy an excellent specimen without consulting your bank manager. One cleaned fish per pack. Normally we sell this fish ’head and fins on’, but sometimes you will find us offering a ’trimmed’ version, which means the head and fins have been removed.


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